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Our Upcoming Litters


Hound House Farm is always striving to produce well bred miniature Dachshunds with correct conformation and outstand temperaments. Our miniature Dachshunds are charming, intelligent and certainly have that "Look At Me" personalities that we love so much.


We try to improve our miniature Dachshunds with each new generation we have here at Hound House Farm. We breed as close to the written Dachshund Standard as possible, therefore we breed for ourselves first and we are always looking to keep back from our own lines to continue our hard work.


We have 2 options for our "Awaiting Families". Our waiting list have grown so large the past few years and everything can get so overwhelming we think by implementing this new way we will make things much more simple for our families and us and much more fair. We want families that are commited to getting a healthy happy puppy from us, as much as we are commited to our families for the life of your baby and beyond.


To be placed on our Waiting List for a certain litter, we require a $50.00 good faith deposit. This deposit goes towards the price of your puppy and is taken off your deposit amount due once babies are born and you pick. (example deposit is $300.00 to hold a baby for you, if you have your good faith deposit already down you will owe $250.00 once your pick is made. Then balance is due at 8 weeks).


To be placed on our Notification List for a certain litter, all you need to do is add your email to our page below and you will be updated once babies arrive and waiting list families have picked their babies.


First, reguardless of  which one you choose, we need  you need to fill out our application so we can get to know you and what your looking for in your new family member. We love getting to know our families and we enjoy building new relationships and adding to our extended doxie family.


Once babies arrive, our waiting list families will pick in order deposits were received. After that point I will open the litter up for the Notification List families to pick in no certain order. Of course picks are only available to those who have filled out our application and have been approved.

Please let me know if you have any questions, I am eager to welcome you to our family.

Please note: We always reserve the right for first pick of any litter



We have a few amazing upcoming litters arriving soon.

We are taking our good faith deposit holders at this time. Don't miss out on your new family member!!

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